Saturday, 12 September 2009

Orwell would be pleased to know he got it right

Yes, Phillip in Peterborough, I'm sure all he ever dreamed of was his novel about a repressive totaliatarian regime coming true. He would, without doubt, be absolutely delighted by such a turn of events.

Anyway, let's look at some more of the insightful and entirely original comments made by our good friends, the pseudo-intellectuals of Have Your Say. They are all extremely well-read people, don't you know?
George Orwell was mostly right, he just got the date wrong by 25 years.
[DisgustedOfMitcham2], London, United Kingdom
Mostly? Sir, you are too conservative!

Orwell got everything right except for the year.
[jerryatric], Up the Labour creek without a paddle, or even a canoe!

George Orwell may have got the year wrong, but he was dead right - we are IN 1984.
Dave Mazzetti, Aylesbury, United Kingdom

Talk about Orwell's 1984 - only 25 years late!!!
Pincher Martin, Birmingham, United Kingdom

george orwell was right, his only mistake was to misjudge the year it would happen by 25 years. but don't worry, they only take away all our freedoms in order to preserve them from terrorists (a logic both infantile and strangely amusing)
Jack, The North
How eloquent. I couldn't have put it better myself.

George Orwell was right, big brother is watching us
Gazza Fish, Basingstoke

Three words are enough to summarise this: Nanny, Paranoia, Orwell
[markus_uk], United Kingdom
Yes. THEY are the paranoid ones.

The reality is that we now live in an Orwellian environment where the politicians treat citizens with contempt at every turn in an effort to continue in their self-serving bureaucratic ivory towers.
Before long, the government will require all would-be parents to be finger printed and DNA'd before they can conceive. Don't laugh. George Orwell was right.
Sue, Liverpool
Don't laugh? I can't promise anything.

Welcome to the world of George Orwell "1984".
J Masters, Birmingham

The Orwellian society is finally here.
Charles Robertson, Oxford, United Kingdom
Finally! Hallelujah!

This government is truly George Orwells 1984 come true!
ian gray, Wigan, United Kingdom

for God's sake lets get rid of Brown and his Orwellian government before it really is to late ..
Rob Clarke
For what? Dinner?

George Orwells 1984 was a warning not a manual.
Free Humanity, Oldbury
Good one, mate! Did you come up with that yourself?!'ve been surpassed...

A message to the people in power...George Orwells 1894 was a warning.....not an instruction manual !!!
David Icke was right all those years ago...take a look at his work
Lock your doors, barricade your windows, the Reptilians are coming !
It could be anyone! The Queen? George Bush? Boxcar Willie? TRUST NO-ONE.

Typical government - someone's on holiday reading Orwell, like it's a diy project.

The stories we here about cameras on every street and even cameras in some peoples home there in England are scary. It shows that freedom is slipping away and that a world envisioned in Orwells "1984" is coming. Resist this!
Ivan Benich, aurora, co

Orwell was right about the UK and it's future. 1984 wasn't fiction, but a prediction.
Jason Davis, Oxford

George Orwell wasn't a fiction writer, he was a prophet.
Scott W, Port Orchard, USA
Oooh, another snappy one! How long did it take you to come up with that? Oh, wait...

Gerge Orwell is looking more and more like a prophet than an author of fiction - 1984 here we come.
[SketchyBFC], Derby, United Kingdom

Let us remember that the philosophy behind the big brother society in George Orwell's 1984 was called "Ingsoc" - from English Socialism, as Orwell detected in the 1940's Labour party. A prescient man!
Philip, Twickenham

Read Orwell but did not expect to live it.
Labour are a disgrace in every way.
Blackadder rejectedparadox

For Gods sake Britain WAKE UP!!!! These Orwellian Buffoons make Stalin and the Gestapo seem like Boy Scouts.
Dennis Richards, Haverhill

Yes! We are sleepwalking into an Orwellian state. The novel 1984 may be set in the PAST, but it is our FUTURE.
We are all supposed to feel bad about China and Zimbabwe, but we have no freedoms here!
[ArthurBCavendish], Thank GOD for The Daily Mail!, United Kingdom
My friend, I thank God for the Daily Mail every waking moment of my life and then some.
Zimbabwe is a veritable Garden of Eden compared to Britain. I suggest you emigrate there immediately. If only we could return to simpler times and live out our lives in the Gulags.

I am quite frightened by the thought of how much worse this could get.
What's that whirring sound? Oh, it's George Orwell spinning in his grave.
Hattie, London
Yes, it is indeed terrifying. I spend countless sleepless nights worrying what CCTV will do to my life next. Will it catch a rapist?? Will it catch a murderer?? Will visible cameras act as a deterrent to crime?? Will the proliferation of CCTV cameras result in an ever-increasing number of TV shows like World's Wildest Police Videos? I cannot say, but I will say this; I am quite frightened by the prospect of the latter.


Well, wasn't that quite the ride?
Two dozen people without an independent thought in their brains, programmed to come out with the same ill-conceived remarks as have others before them. Towing the party line of conspiracy theorists worldwide. It's almost as if Orwell was right.

Nuff said.

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