Thursday, 18 December 2008

El Sims 3: Voyage into Space

What an exciting day! EA have just sent us an email outlining what you can expect to expect when they announce that they're announcing The Sims
 3 expansion pack El Voyage into Space on February 15th, the day before the day they announce they're launching The Sims 3 across the world by way of AOL-disc-through-the-letterbox. Here's the email in full:


Dearest Brothers

We at EA are delighted to announce the arrival of a fantastic new addition to The Sims catalogue; Voyage into Space, Featuring Executive Officer Black Tigh. This latest expansion of the wonderful Sims world will include no less than 80 new items and an array of new clothes for your Sims to wear. The theme for this upgrade will be Space which we are sure you will agree is extremely exciting, thrilling and/or adorable. Below is a breakdown of new features which you can expect to be delighted by in the newest member of the Sims family.

Kindest Regards
Sims Expansion Output Device


Isn't that exciting and/or adorable? Here's a summary of the new features EA has promised in this update and/or game of the year;

  1. Prevent your men from becoming downright o-bese by introducing them to Booday's Keep Fit Program, which involves sing-along tape and flesh-like compartment

  2. Become the Queen and sit regally on your throne while ordering manservants to service your boiler

  3. Dress yourself in finest livery and sneak into the maids antechambers with a gherkin on a stick which you will use to prod their faces from behind the curtains as they sleep

  4. Decorate your castle with alien artifacts gathered from your travels through dimensions and regail your friends with stories they won't understand because you're speaking in gibberish

  5. Pay by micro-transactions using your EA CREDIT CARD for in-game delights such as ladies-of-the-night, pickled eggs, your mothers home-baked rat pies, soiled pantaloons and your very own flea-ridden blanket

  6. Bag yourself a foreign wife by wearing a bow-tie, promising to take care of her children and feeding her boiled liver every night until her skin turns yellow and you can dry her out and hang her from your bedroom window

I'm off to clean up the mess that I've made all over the floor. If anyone can help please send rags to: Kindest regards

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