Friday, 12 December 2008


"I've got a plan"

"You'll never catch him!"
"Who are you?"
"I don't know"
"We're going to kill you"
"You can't, I feel nothing"
"Don't we all?"
"You'll never catch him!"

"I've been looking for you"
"where are we?"
"I've been looking for you"
"how did I get here"
"something is going to happen"
"who are you"
*cryptic dialogue*
"I've been looking for you"

"whats wrong?"
"i wont tell you"
"then I will read your mind!"
"oh my god!"
"what is it?"
"I don't know but I think its bad?"

"you saved me!"
"I love you"
"what about your mother?"
"she's our mother"
"what about your brother"
"I have no brother"
"get real!"
"I have so much power and it is destroying me"
"I love you"

"my research has revealed that something is happening"
"I need your research"
"my research has revealed that I am becoming a lizard"
"what does it all mean?"
"my research has revealed that I do not know"
"I am turning into a lizard too"
"my research reveals that we will be friends"
"I am going to betray you"
"my research reveals that I will not see it coming"

"I feel nothing"
"what is going on?"
"am I a robot?"
"where am I?"
"do I have...a soul?"
"what is...soul?"
"I want to be normal"
"what is...normal?"
"I want to see your thing"
"am I a robot?"
"good day"

"you'll never get away with this!"
*cryptic dialogue*
"he'll never allow it"
"who won't?"
"you will find out"
"I am going to shoot you"
"or will it be me who will shoot you?"

The End?

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